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Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Make Money $ 100/ Month With Android Application Whaff Rewards

How to earn money on the Android ~ to earn money in this modern era is very difficult because every job is always in need of high education or at least Secondary School On a vocational High School, and would but for those who are creative and not despair any materials could make it into a filthy rich as long as you have a very high spirit. because the effort you'll get the job is straightforward and simple but make a lot of money as I will write today about How to get an Android Phone in the Dollar.
Mobile android in 2015 is indeed very boom nearly everyone has it as an android phone has a high sophistication also has a relatively cheap price with money with 500 thousand to 1 million course you already have android classy high .but most people will wear the mobile android is only in use for playing games, message, phone, chat and Internet. even though Android Phones can to result in dollars each day requires only an android applications i.e Applications Whaff Reward.
Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Uang Di Android
The Easy Way To Earn Money On Android
What Is Whaff Rewards?
Whaff Reward is android apps that can make you rich because these applications can make money on your android with the way you download a promo that is on offer on the application the whaff and you will get a reward worth $ 0.1 to $ 1 you can imagine if you download apps promo 20 per day with a salary of $ 0.5 per application then you will get your money worth $ 10 or $ 300,000 a month, what was very fantastic
How how to get started? well here it is the steps to get the money in the hp android please refer to my article below

Make Money $ 100 / Month With Android Application Whaff Rewards

Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Uang Di Android
1. go to Google Play in your android and Search: Whaff or directly Here (size 14 MB)
2. Download And Install on your android
Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Uang Di Android
Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Uang Di Android
3. open the Application and then login with Reward Whaff using Facebook
Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Uang Di Android
4. If it appears such a box above the Column should you enter a premium code AO72613 to get money $ 0.30  you will not get a bonus if you don't fill it or fill it with other code because the code above is a premium code.
5. Please download the application in Premium picks, picks and other whaff picks to acquire income from whaff
How to payout money making from whaff or you can use several means of payment such as Paypal, Xbox Live store @ Playstasion Gift, Gift cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Gift cards, play Google steam gift cards, facebook gift cards and iTune gift card. I myself prefer to use paypal and send to my local bank also to Google Play Gift cards to purchase apps in palaystore and buy an android game requirement such as the castle and the clash clash of clans
Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Uang Di Android
If you have any doubt or less sure ya I love screenshots proof of payment of the reward whaff
bukti pembayaran whaff

bukti pembayaran whaff

bukti pembayaran whaff
If you are already a list and want to get the trick to quickly get earning with whaff please contact me via email: ridhogplus4@gmail.com or bb pin: 7E793BC2 I invite code I PROVIDED above and I will check out your name on the list of friends in neither whaff invite I will give you the trick

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